Plan Now for New Year Detox + VIDEO

The New Year is quickly approaching, and it's always a great time to consider your daily health habits and think about making adjustments.

After a holiday season of indulgences and relaxation, it may be the right time to reset your metabolism, but you may be wondering, how?

For some people, a regimen that is structured yet easy to follow provides a solution for those who have gotten off track when it comes to eating habits.

A 21-Day Purification Program suggests an eating plan combined with nutritional supplements and light exercise to optimize your weight among many other benefits. Releasing toxins that make you feel lousy and nourishing yourself with whole foods will leave your body leaner, healthier and stronger.

We know that normal, busy people don't have the time or knowledge to put together a proper eating plan, but feel the need to follow something structured. This great solution, designed by the renowned company Standard Process, will deliver results that leave you feeling great after just 21 days. 

Standard Process recently asked real patients to make short videos illustrating "one degree of change" since completing the 21-day purification program. Watch the videos below!

Plan now for your post-holiday detox. You'll be giving yourself the gift of health and wellness that you deserve!

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Posted on November 18, 2014 and filed under wellness & conditioning.