Dr. Urban Recommends: Pure Caps Pro

Efficacy and efficiency with PureCapsPro supplements.   PURCHASE ONLINE NOW

Efficacy and efficiency with PureCapsPro supplements. PURCHASE ONLINE NOW

Effective and easy supplements are here.

As a practitioner, I know that my normal nutritional intake needs to be supplemented to sustain an active and athletic lifestyle. PureCapsPro lets me find just the right supplements for my current needs.

This line of science-based nutrition supplements has had real benefits for me. I like the variety of supplements available, plus it's easy to log in, check out the catalog and purchase whatever supplements I might need. I like the convenience and efficiency of this program.

It's easy to recommend these supplements to my patients because I know firsthand that they work and they're easy to get. The formulas are all hypoallergenic too, this is important to many of my patients.

Winter is fast approaching - time to load up on immune system boosters! Now is the time to look into what's right for you.

If you have questions about nutritional supplements or PureCapsPro, don't hesitate to contact us for advice.



Dr. Mike Urban's experience in sport performance training, cardiovascular rehabilitation, and neuromusculoskeletal chiropractic disciplines have been achieved through field experience and extensive education that includes training through Chapel, McMurtrie and Bartlett Chiropractic Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic in Chesterfield, Missouri. Dr. Urban checks his email daily and welcomes any questions, comments, or inquiries to info@spineandsportsclinic.com

Posted on October 16, 2014 and filed under Dr. Urban Recommends.