Dr. Urban Recommends The Ultima 2000 Contour Pillow

This pillow is scientifically engineered to provide correct anatomical support.

This pillow is scientifically engineered to provide correct anatomical support.

We spend about one third of our lives sleeping, according to the National Institutes of Health.

This restful, rejuvenating time can be very impactful to our anatomy and well-being during the waking hours. Using an unsupportive pillow will leave your neck sore due to its distorted alignment while sleeping.

This soreness can cause you to compensate with back and shoulder muscles, which can lead to other aches and pains! The head and neck need proper alignment and support during sleep. Use a proven, quality pillow.

Dr. Urban recommends the ULTIMA 2000, known as The Ultimate Cervical Pillow. Here's why. 

This scientifically engineered, contoured pillow:

  • Supports the neck
  • Positions the head correctly
  • Is effective for back or side sleeping
  • Allows for good air circulation
  • Supports natural head positioning
  • Improves sleep

The ULTIMA 2000 by Anabolic Laboratories ensures proper support with special cradling features and a unique center shape.  

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Posted on August 21, 2014 and filed under Dr. Urban Recommends.