Why You Should Consider A Digital Xray

Alignment, structure and function are assessed with an in-office  digital xray

Alignment, structure and function are assessed with an in-office digital xray

A digital xray, now available in-office quickly and efficiently, provides a blueprint of the body's foundational structure.

From this blueprint, a professional is able to accurately assess and treat apparent problems that may affect your performance. A digital xray evaluation allows your doctor to:

  • Observe and analyze bone structure as well as soft tissue

  • Administer more effective training or exercise programs

  • Refer patients to the right doctor based on diagnosis

A digital xray provides essentially immediate images of what the inside of your body looks like. Even certain soft tissue forms are visible, and with these images at hand, doctor and patient can engage in a valuable and productive, solution-oriented dialogue. 

It’s beneficial for athletes to visualize what is happening inside their most valuable asset: the body.
— Dr. Urban

The xray can serve as a baseline diagnostic tool from which to operate. In fact, the Ohio State Chiropractic Association promotes the idea that when seeking a diagnosis for certain presented symptoms, patients should first visit a Chiropractor and decide subsequent treatment upon his or her diagnosis or referral. 

With xray diagnosis, your doctor can look at how the function of certain structures and tissues are contributing to a problem. All your tissues and bones are connected, and the root cause of certain problems may only be identified with the visual diagnosis that an xray provides. Training goals can be reached effectively and efficiently when the total picture is at hand for consideration.

Certified by the State of Ohio to operate our digital xray machine, we can help you decide if this tool can benefit you and your performance. Contact us today!



Dr. Mike Urban's experience in sport performance training, cardiovascular rehabilitation, and neuromusculoskeletal chiropractic disciplines have been achieved through field experience and extensive education that includes training through Chapel, McMurtrie and Bartlett Chiropractic Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic in Chesterfield, Missouri. Dr. Urban checks his email daily and welcomes any questions, comments, or inquiries to info@spineandsportsclinic.com

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