Longer Distance Running Can Mean Shin Splints

We see it all the time; runners increasing distance without ensuring proper function. Get an assessment before turning up the training.
— Dr. Urban

With the weather turning cooler, runners are increasing their distance training.

Shin splints could be sign of misalignment

Shin splints could be sign of misalignment

This increase can yield great results with regard to endurance and time, but shin splints are a common complaint among distance runners.

Longer runs and more mileage require your body to be functioning optimally to avoid injury. Shin splints could be a sign that something needs to be adjusted, even in a minor way.

If your spine is misaligned or the biomechanics of your lower body is compromised, shin splints or something more serious could result. Shin Splints is one of many Conditions We Treat.

Make an appointment with Dr. Urban for an evaluation as distance season gets underway.



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Posted on November 3, 2015 and filed under performance tips.