Chiropractic Advice for Expectant Mothers

Balance, alignment and posture are important to maintain during pregnancy.

Gentle manipulation and adjustments during pregnancy can bring pain relief and an easier delivery

Gentle manipulation and adjustments during pregnancy can bring pain relief and an easier delivery

To keep a properly aligned, strong and healthy body during pregnancy, expectant mothers may want to consider regular adjustments to:

  • Prevent low back pain
    Low back pain is a common ailment experienced during pregnancy. Many women have found relief from this pain with chiropractic adjustments. Your chiropractor can provide safe manipulation without medication, which is desirable during pregnancy.
  • Promote pelvic alignment 
    Pelvic alignment is important to help with a safe and efficient delivery. A properly aligned pelvis allows the baby to be in the proper position for delivery, and prevents constraint within the uterus, which reduces the amount of room a baby has to develop.
  • Keep optimal posture
    The proper curvature of the spine can be compromised during pregnancy.  Along with spinal adjustments, learning proper lifting techniques along with special strengthening exercises can reduce unwanted and painful strain on the lower back. 
  • Optimize postpartum recovery
    Following labor and delivery, connective tissue in the abdomen and pelvis will return to its normal state, tightening up naturally. Joints and musculature should be cared for during this healing process through gentle manipulation and adjustment. 

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