Cyclists, is Your Spinal Alignment in Check?

Like a broken bicycle whose chain has been derailed, your body will undoubtedly be affected if the spine is out of alignment.

Pedaling power is directly linked to spinal alignment

Pedaling power is directly linked to spinal alignment

All of your supportive musculoskeletal function on the bike depends on an optimally aligned spine.

The balance and strength needed for cycling come directly from the nervous system, whose hub is in the spinal cord. 

Avoid injuries, enjoy comfortable riding and ride faster and further when the body is properly aligned. You'll feel strong and breathe efficiently!

Additional alignment and conditioning tips for cyclists:

  • Hips, knees and feet need to be functioning properly to avoid inefficient biomechanics and loss of pedaling power
  • Lumbar spine and pelvis alignment ensures proper positioning in the saddle
  • Hunching over the saddle strengthens and develops back muscles, but strong abdominal muscles are critical also, to maintain balance 

If you have questions about cycling and proper alignment, or general conditioning concerns, contact our office for an assessment.



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Posted on May 19, 2015 and filed under performance tips.