One Stop Shop for Rehab and Prehab Essentials

When it comes to prehab and rehab programs, we have you covered.

It's important to prepare for surgery and your rehabilitation in advance of the procedure.

Inactivity associated with post-surgical restrictions requires preparation. Functional exercises done beforehand will help you rebound more quickly. Specially recommended stretches and training tasks can optimize the body for healing.


Certain products such as the Chiroflow Water Pillow, the Grid Foam Roller and more are available in-office to facilitate your prehab / rehab process. These products are designed to allow you to pre-train, recover quickly and minimize pain.

When your body is healing, having the proper supplies is critical. It pays to prepare ahead of time for optimal recovery. Contact us to get your supplies!



Dr. Mike Urban's experience in sport performance training, cardiovascular rehabilitation, and neuromusculoskeletal chiropractic disciplines have been achieved through field experience and extensive education that includes training through Chapel, McMurtrie and Bartlett Chiropractic Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic in Chesterfield, Missouri. Dr. Urban checks his email daily and welcomes any questions, comments, or inquiries to

Posted on September 29, 2015 and filed under performance tips.