Pain Relief


At the core of our mission is the belief that you should be able to enjoy daily life, pain-free.

Your sense of life's fulfillment and satisfaction is only possible when there is an absence of discomfort and you have a sense of well being.

Our assessment of your pain starts with getting an overall picture of your spine, which holds the key to all functional systems. Proper spinal alignment can lead to natural pain relief, or self-healing, as stated in recent article published by Harvard Medical School.

Your body has innate healing capabilities that can be released with treatment modalities in addition to spinal alignment. We consider exercise, nutrition, biomechanics and ART® therapy as possible helpful approaches.

We work to optimize all functions and systems to give the body improved chances of self healing from painful conditions like headaches, back pain, musculoskeletal injuries and post-surgical pain.

Often times, patients seeking pain relief and end up finding solutions and improvement for other health issues as a result of our chiropractic treatment and advice. In collaboration with your conventional family doctor or surgeon, we seek solutions to pain that go beyond conventional medication and surgery.

We look at the whole picture for the whole family, from infants to athletes. Pain doesn't have to be a mystery. Ask us how we can help!