When the Sciatic Nerve is irritated, pain can radiate down the legs

If you have pain radiating from your lower back down to your knee, the sciatic nerve may be to blame.

When the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body, is irritated, you may experience pain, tingling or numbness that originates in the lower back and travels behind the thigh all the way down below the knee.

Causes of sciatica include:

  • lumbar disc herniation (most common cause)

  • pregnancy

  • pinched nerve

  • arthritis

  • slipped disc

  • trauma or injury

Whatever the cause, it is vital to ensure the sciatic nerve is no longer inflamed or irritated in order to restore proper function to all joints and tissues. Dysfunction in the spine tends to cause further pain and problems such as hip pain and neck strain.

A variety of methods may be used to promote healing associated with sciatica. Spinal adjustments, ice or heat therapy, ultrasound and exercises can all help.

We can provide the support necessary to ease your pain, or prevent problems due to sciatica before they arise. Schedule a spinal assessment with us today!