At Urban Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on truly getting to know our patients. We listen to their needs and work with them to achieve their wellness goals. That's why we're just as excited as they are when they reach them. 

“I came to Urban Chiropractic as a last resort. I had just finished the Towpath Marathon and was having a lot of IT band Pain. Dr. Urban worked with me on a treatment plan that allowed me to continue to train during treatment. In addition to treatment at the clinic, he offered suggestions of things to do on my own to improve my overall condition. Just a few short months later I completed the Boston Marathon- Pain Free!” ~ DS, Lakewood

"I always thought that once you went to see a chiropractor, you always had to go back. My friend who went to Dr. Urban for her sciatica and plantar fasciitis, told me to go see him for my headaches. Long story short, after a complete evaluation and 7 visits later headaches were gone and now I only see Dr. Urban one or two times a month for maintenance ...but for other ailments slowing me down" ~MS Rocky River

"My high school daughter was having a complete evaluation and training session with Dr. Urban. She had no symptoms, just wanted to get stronger and perform better at her sports. She did a series of training session and did get stronger and quicker, but more importantly Dr. Urban was able to identify that she had mild scoliosis of her back and that now is the time to monitor her before she reaches [skeletal maturity] the end of her bones growing" ~KP Westlake

"I am a hairdresser/ stylist and have had burning arm pain while cutting hair. Dr. Urban diagnosed me with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I thought it was carpal tunnel. Within 4 weeks, I had total strength back, no burning or tingling sensations. Dr Urban put me on a simple home exercise program that takes 5 minutes. I think I was only there 8 times and now I see him 1 time a month to combat my poor work posture!" KW~ Fairview

"At age 49, I live with scoliosis. Living with back issues for 35+ years, I have located a chiropractic physician who has helped with fitness and wellness. From 2001 to 2008, I received chiropractic treatments from other doctors. In 2008, I became a patient of Dr Mike Urban in Rocky River. He has helped me have a healthier back and body through chiropractic treatments and coaching me on stretching, exercising, and nutritional cleansing. Thanks!" SH~ North Ridgeville

"No hassles, easy to get in and out, professional and on time. Very knowledgeable with my condition and how to co-manage it with my orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist." SO ~Westlake

"Dear Dr. Urban, many thanks for all you have done to help my daughter! We are truly grateful! Enjoy!  AV~ Brecksville

"Thank you so much for helping me out with my hamstring! You made a big difference in my development throughout this season as well as taught me what to do to maintain strength and balance in my legs! Thank you again for everything!" KS~ Rocky River

"Thank you for allowing me to return to life without the pain in my back and butt! I no longer wear my wallet in my back pocket" BG~ Cleveland